What is Universal Design?  It is an Assistive Technology that will provide equitable access for all Nova Scotians with disabilities to services and supports provided by Nova Scotia Works Centres.

The Universal Design has the ability to read documents or websites to you, it can type as you speak into a microphone, help you with your resume, teach you how to type, or just improve your skills. We also have keyboards for different languages, keyboards with large print on the keys, a variety of ergonomic supports, and much more!

The Universally Designed Computer station has the following features available for you to use:

Text to speech software technology

iPad on an adjustable arm

Variety of keyboards and pointing devices

Screen reading software

Arm support, ergonomic mouse pads and keyboard rests

Ergonomic chair

Speech recognition

Word prediction

Software to help you learn to type or to improve your skills

And much more!